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"I'm not a Ninja anymore. I'm a ghost."
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“Hello there!”
— General Kenobi

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I am Chimadino, but you can call me Condrai for short. I started watching Ninjago in 2016. My favorite character is Clancee and my least favorite is Iron Baron. I watch the show and collect the Lego sets as well. I also like to explore Ninjago's lore, especially it's respective "pop culture". I also have my own Ninjago canon/universe, which is mostly the same as the show, but with some minor changes.

The Clancee Story

This story does not take place in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu. Clancee was a Serpentine, who lived in the Serpentine Valley. One day, he was visited by Arcturus, who wanted him to join the army and fight in the Serpentine War. Clancee refused, because he wanted to live a peaceful life. He later became a pirate, but eventually left the crew and returned to Ninjago Island. There, he met an old man named Sensei Wu and his team of Ninja. He become friends with them and fought off against many enemies, including Lord Garmadon and Pythor. Clancee has also made friends with other Serpentine, such as Scales, the Fangtoms, the Mezmos, the Fang-Sueis and the Chokuns. He later used the Realm Crystal to travel between the Sixteen Realms and made new friends as well as enemies.

Clancee's Friends

Clancee's Enemies

Objects Clancee Owns (Don't ask how!)

Pages I have created


  • Aside from Ninjago, I like watching a lot of other especially those related to my favorite franchises.
    • Said favorites are: Star Wars, Marvel, Lord of the Rings and other LEGO themes, such as Chima and Nexo Knights.
  • Aside from Clancee, my favorite Ninjago characters are Master Wu, Scales, Cole, Garmadon, Jay, Ronin, and Pythor.
  • My least favorite characters are General Cryptor and Iron Baron.
  • My favorite Ninja suits are the Hands of Time robes.
  • I prefer Zane's human form, instead of his titanium one.
  • I prefer Lord Garmadon over Master Garmadon.
  • Although, I feel like the old Ninja designs are too generic, I still prefer them over the new designs, mostly because I didn't like the movie.


Gallery for my supreme lord Clancee (Only images of him and his presumed father are allowed)

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