If you want you can refer to me as J.R. Or if you want to call me Fāsutomasutā. XD

Hello, everyone. Wait that was a dull greeting!

YO! WHAT IS UP MY NINJAGO FAM!!! From my username, I think you all can guess what my name is. I joined this wiki on May 9th, 2020. I have been a super Ninjago fan since 2013 and I was hooked when I watched it on Netflix. Soon I became a self absorbent paper towel roll for Ninjago content wanting every single piece of that fresh new info to cram into my brain in exchange for getting off my parents’ case. But that was when I was nine. Right now I’m 15 years old for full closure 

My favorite ninja is Lloyd or Jay, my favorite villain is Garmadon or Pythor and my favorite season is Season 8: Sons of Garmadon. My main goal to achieve on this Fanon is to share my completed, epic story of the legacy of the ninja. My method of creating the seasons is to first plan ahead what happens in each season, then writing the description and whole story. I have my own universe(s), which are Earth-20 or Earth-21 and a few others, where I follow the official storyline from Ninjago and use my own follow up to continue the story with my own OS and fill in plot holes from the LEGO series.

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