The Harumi article vandalized by Emmet.

Vandalism is an act involving deliberate destruction of or damage to public or private property.

Vandalism has been done on many wikis, including this one.

Known Wikis Vandalized

Vandalism Members




Note: These users are not divided up into groups, even though some are confirmed as sockpuppet groups.



Murdoch Wesley/Gervaise Sylvie/The Master of Water

Murdoch Wesley and Gervaise Sylvie vandalized wikis before the Actionpedia. The Master of Water in some other wiki now closed, pretended to not know who Gervaise Sylvie is, but was turned out to be her.

The Growth of Vandalism

Master of Energy/Chopper Maroon

Master of Energy was a hacker who vandalized Ninjago Wiki. This user later created the Chopper Maroon account and vandalized the Ninjago Wiki pages Chopper Maroon and Min-Droid. The hacker Chopper Maroon will later create the ChopChopChop1111 and NinjaMoments1660 accounts.

Rexietroopa vs. UnknownUsername20

When UnknownUsername20 started hating the bureaucrat of this wiki, he/she fought against Rexietroopa, a "nice" but the same account of UnknownUsername20, who has global blocks.

UnknownUsername20 Vandalizes All Non-Protected Pages

UnknownUsername20 vandalized all non-protected pages to get his revenge. He/She got a global block, and so did his/her socks. Fortunately, the non-protected pages were reverted back to original.






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