Ice Emperor    
“There's an ancient Ninjago proverb that says, ‘An enemy divided, is more easily conquered.”
— Zane quoting a Ninjago saying

Zane Julien (briefly known as Starscream; and the Ice Emperor in his corrupted version) is the current Elemental Master of Ice, and also a wise Nindroid/Android created by Dr. Julien.


This section of Zane Julien includes some or all content from the "Zane Julien" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

From the perspective of the realm of Ninjago, Zane was created by Dr. Julien over 40 years ago, and thus, is by far the oldest of his fellow Ninja.[1] With the addition of around 60 years during his time in the Never-Realm's past, he is much, much older than his friends.[2] Due to his robotic nature, he does not physically age. He is designed to have the appearance of a young man in his late teens.

Possible Estimations: At the time of Sky Pirates' reign, his new Titanium body was said to be at most 2 years old.[3] As of the Sons of Garmadon's year time-skip, it was maybe around 3 years at most. With his additional time in the Never-Realm, his body has aged even further, due to being sent into the past and living out several decades until he was recovered by the Ninja in the present. As a result of the sixty years in the Never-Realm, Zane is over 100 years chronologically but his new body is around 60.


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This section of Zane Julien includes some or all content from the "Zane Julien" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

Zane is the of the Ninja, and he is calm and intelligent. He usually acts odd because he realized he was a Nindroid, becoming the first Ninja to reach his True Potential. The other Ninja are occasionally wary of his strange habits, but when Zane saves them, they had to accept the fact regardless of any odd things he did. When Zane's father supposedly died, he accepted the fact, but his memory was actually shut down by his father before his father was resurrected. He formed relationships with his friends, allies, and his current wife, Pixal. When Zane sacrificed himself to the Ninja, he rebuilt himself as titanium, knowing he is not alone, which made Zane accepting of his own robotic traits more than ever. After he rebuilt himself, his humor was sarcastic but he accepted the Titanium Dragon after facing his fear that he is not alone. After losing his memory and falling under Vex’s sway, Zane was manipulated into overthrowing Grimfax. Upon being further corrupted by the Scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu, Zane’s mind was greatly warped and he took up the identity as "Ice Emperor." As the Ice Emperor, Zane became ruthless and put the realm’s people under subjugation. He acted as a tyrannical ruler and carried out vile acts, which included carrying out the Freezing of the Formling Village, the Annihilation of the Yetis, sending an Ice Behemoth after Lloyd, and ordered his ice dragon Boreal to freeze the Great Lake village and its villagers. He does not tolerate disrespect, as he ordered Vex to punish the Ninja but was convinced to destroy them. He is willing to show mercy, as he spared Grimfax after he failed and gave the latter another chance, and harshly ordered Vex to comply with his demand to spare and imprison Lloyd. Glimpses of his former self were spotted, as he paused when he heard of the Ninja arrived or learned Lloyd was coming. He also chose to spare Lloyd after being interested by the latter’s stories of him.










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“This must be what Sensei meant by unlocking our hearts. I remember now. I remember everything. I remember my father and how he cared for me. I remember where I came from. And I feel stronger for knowing.”
—Zane to his friends
“This isn't about numbers, it's about family! Go ninja, go!”
—Zane before his "sacrifice"
“The Ice Dragon from my nightmare. It's quite visible and quite angry.”
—Zane about the Titanium Dragon
“I faced my fear. When I realized it wasn't something in front of me that held me back, but something inside me, I found a deeper power. A dragon power.”
—Zane to the Elemental Masters about unlocking his Elemental Dragon
Ronin, the bounty hunter, our sometimes ally, whose loyalty shifts with the tide of battle and fortune?”
—Zane about Ronin
“Though now extinct, the Grundal was one of the most feared and dangerous creatures in all of Ninjago. With claws that can slice through steel and heightened senses that could detect the stealthiest ninja from miles away.”
—Zane about Grundals
“It's Ninjago. It's really not that hard to pronounce.”
—Zane to Faith
“I'm afraid there's little cause for optimism. Our situation is dire. The Bounty's engine will not start without the Thermolytic Inverter.”
—Zane about the Thermolytic Inverter
“I see only one option: The digestive system of a beetle is very slow. There is a good chance the Thermolytic Inverter is still intact inside Beohernie's stomach.”
—Zane about the Thermolytic Inverter
“Greetings, friend. If you have found this recording, then I am no longer here. My name is Zane. I'm a stranger in this land, trying to find my way home. It's difficult to keep track of the days in this place. It feels like I've been here a long time, but I refuse to give up hope. I am attempting to repair the mech. Unfortunately, the processing unit is damaged. In order to fix it, I must connect myself to the mech and run a system diagnostic. If anything were to interrupt the diagnostic, it could cause my operating system to reboot. In case something goes wrong, this is the last recording of Zane, Master of Ice, son of Dr. Julien, student of Master Wu. I was built to protect those who cannot protect themselves and I have tried to fulfill this purpose. Goodbye to my friends... and... to Pixal, I love you. As Kai would say, here goes... nothing!”
—Zane in a recording of his "final" message
Ninjago City. My city. I know it like the insides of my own circuits. Which is why I know . . . It has a dark side. My best friends are trapped in an immersive video game called Prime Empire. Yeah, you heard me right. They’re being held there by a villain named Unagami. But Unagami isn’t his real name. It’s as fake as a used car salesman’s smile. His true identity is Milton Dyer, the computer programmer who designed Prime Empire. The only hope for them getting out of the digital world rests on finding Dyer in the real world. My world. I was fishing for leads, but for now I find myself adrift on a sea of dead ends.”
—Zane narrating
Buddy's Pizza was no different than any other hole-in-the-wall pizza joint. Except it had the best games in town. It had been shut down by the fuzz due to the disappearances.”
—Zane about Buddy's Pizza
“There's an ancient Ninjago proverb that says, ‘An enemy divided, is more easily conquered.”
—Zane describing a Ninjago saying
— Zane and Pixal talking about Timothy Batterson


This section of Zane Julien includes some or all content from the "Zane Julien" article from the Ninjago Wiki, a FANDOM project.

  • According to show creator Tommy Andreasen, Zane's surname may be "Julien" like his creator, but it is unconfirmed.[4]
  • He was the first Ninja to reach his True Potential.
    • He is the only Ninja to not reach his True Potential obtaining a Fangblade.
  • He's the only ninja who has shoulder pads in his zukin suit.
  • Zane has a sixth sense, which has manifested in clairvoyance and an uncanny ability to sense what others cannot. He also was able to communicate with the Falcon and detect its presence, though this may be related to their similar origins.
  • Zane appears to have a fear of living food.
    • His greatest fear is him losing his humanity.
  • This is how Cyrus Borg referred to him as at his funeral as the Titanium Ninja, and how he was represented in the memorial statue made by the inventor.
  • Zane is similar to Elsa because they both have powers over ice, lived in ice castles in the mountains, created sentient ice beings, had a position of authority, and had a part of their body frozen.
  • At Zane's funeral, Cyrus had said that he was a perfect balance between humans and technology.
  • When the Master of Ice left, Zane acted "stranger than usual," implying that the Master of Ice gave his powers to Zane.
    • This may be the reason why Zane has such a cool, calm, and collected personality. This also indicates that Zane may have had a somewhat different personality before the event occurred.
  • There is another version of him called Echo Zane, created by Dr. Julien to replace Zane after he was left in the Lighthouse Prison.
  • Zane and the other Ninja can only harness their elemental powers by being dependent on Lloyd. This is due to Lloyd splitting his Golden Power between them to restore their powers.
  • After becoming the Titanium Ninja, Zane is shown to have a few strengths; however, he also has many weaknesses. These include problems with his voice if getting hit too hard on the head, getting hacked, getting knocked unconscious easily, and being able to be shocked due to titanium being a metal, which is a conductor of electricity.
  • Zane is somehow capable of keeping his shurikens hidden in him.
  • Zane's name in early concepts was Boon and Whitman.[5][6]
    • Additionally, in preliminary concepts of Zane, he was supposed to be a "rad snowboarder" type of character, and voice actor Brent Miller was told to do a chill and laid back voice for him. His performance, in the end, inspired the Hageman Brothers to then change his character to a droid to fit his monotonous voice and straight-cut military hair.[7]
  • He learned holographic transformations between the Return of the Time Twins and the Fall of Ninjago.[8]
  • Before it was revealed that the Ice Emperor was Zane, there were subtle hints to his true identity.
    • The bottom linings of the Ice Emperor's eyebrows are identical to Zane's eyebrows in sets, as of Sons of Garmadon. His hands are blue and his arms are white, which is also identical to Zane's. He also has glowing eyes like Zane.
    • Vex stated that he discovered the power of Ice was strong. It was worth noting that Zane has power over Ice.
    • The Scepter was the naginata for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, which was still in Zane's possession.
    • When Vex tells him about the green-outfitted stranger, he pauses for a moment and appears perplexed, almost as if he knew the stranger was Lloyd.
  • Zane is the only Ninja who has changed his hair color three times. His hair was blond in the classic form. It was silver since he became titanium, and his hair was white in the new form.
  • When he arrived in the Never-Realm, he made the realm's winter harsher, colder, and eternal.
    • After Zane takes over Grimfax's throne, a blast of ice is sent from his scepter that alters the weather.
  • He is the sixth villain that knows how to do Spinjitzu. The others being Garmadon, The Overlord, Wu, Doubloon, and Aspheera, Samuel Jones|Colten, and Shen.
  • He is the fourth villain to know Airjitzu, the others being were Morro, Cryptor, Master Yang, and Colten.
  • He is one of the villains who owns a dragon. The first was Morro with the Morro Dragon, the second being Colten with his dragon, and the third being the Skull Sorcerer with his dragon.
  • Zane and Pixal are one of the Ninja-romances to become a couple, the others being Jay and Nya, and Kai and Skylor.


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Civilians: Engelbert · Engelbert's wife
Former Hierarchy: Vangelis


Former Leaders: Simon J. Palladino
Leaders: Karen Fields
Generals: Blitz Wagner
Members: Brian Crown · Radley Crown · Reggie · Strig Tyton

The Daily Punctilio

Eleanora Poe · Geraldine Julienne

The Daily Trumpet

Larry Salz · Lynda Kohan


Leader: Cole
Fungus · Korgran · Plundar · Vania · Wu

Vast Industries

Leader: Milton Dyer
Members: Bob the Intern

Volunteers Fighting Disease

John Bobek · Lauren McGibbon




Minkan · Sybex


Anderson Cooper · Chiang Kai-shek · Don Mitchell, Jr. · Fred Jones, Sr. · Gil Colson · High Court · International Council · International Police · Ninjago City's mayor · Ninjago Royal House · Nurhachi · Pete Savage · Shintaro Royal House · Sorna · Ulysses Trustable · William Toughbutt

Ancient humans



Genesis Frost · Hazza D'ur · Nian


Anacondrai generals · Avatars · Borg Tower security guards · Elemental Alliance · Explorer's Club · Explorer's Club security guards · Fast Chickens · Humans · Ice Fishers · Kryptarium inmates · Never-Realm Resistance · Nindroids · Ninjago City security guards · NPCs · Royal Blacksmiths · Spin Harmony · Stranded ninja · Time Twins · Treble Makers · Upholders




Abraham van Helsing · Bank Boss · Benny · Cathy · Chuck · Cliff Gordon · Construction workers · Darkley · Dr. Berkman · Dr. Yost · Emcee · Fire magician · Gong & Guitar Rocker · Harumi's mother · Harumi's father · Hiroshi · Ishmael · Jeffy · Joe · Larry · Larry Daley · Lou · Lumberjacks · Manovi · Mr. Liu · Mr. Righty Tighty · Mr. Willums · News Reporter · Patty Keys · Phil · Pizza delivery teen · Prison guards · Prune juice seller · Postman · Puddle Land Samurai · Repo Man · Restaurant Owner Hansen · Rufus McCallister · Roise · Sailor Captain · Sensei · Smith Daryll · Stan Warren · Steve Newman · Talk Show Host · Takuma · Tour Ninjago guide · Troopmaster Barrett · Vlad Tutu · Will